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The story of  Hallucine

Hi! My name is Daniel. I started Hallucine more than 25 years ago. And here is my story... 

Chapter one:  Changing Careers

After graduation from the university, I became a generalist doctor. In 2 years I found one thing that being a doctor solved people's health problems, but couldn't solve mine - lack of passion, interest and fun. I quite being a doctor instead I founded a computer technology company together with a friend. We were replacing giant computers with Micro-Unix fortune systems. I successfully sold that company and I made a fortune. During that period, you know what I found? "MS-DOS created by Bill Gates has just made the world lost 30 years of advancement!" Yes I said it. Then soon, I started an information technology company serving medical industry. The business was ok, but it was during that period, I saw a small company making projectors for 16mm film when reading in the newspaper. I thought it was interesting. And after someone asked for a projector for 35mm film, I sold one to that person. Yes that was back in 1995, I started a new business in projection and movie industry. You know what, for that I needed a screen. Hallucine was officially born. I was 38 years old. 

Chapter two:    years in one company

Over the last 30 years, I traveled over 30 countries to sell my screens. Africa, Americas, Pacific, Europe, you name it. I also brought my kids with me from one village to another. Well, they are my full-time employees now. During the time, we shared beautiful moments together like a family, yes we are one. We met new friends, visited old friends. Those beautiful people, moments made Hallucine nothing like a traditional business. It was joys we had and jokes we made built Hallucine, and for that I stayed in one company for over 25 years. 


Hallucinated - Open air Cinema

People, joy and jokes

Hallucine  is more than a screen, it creates amazing moments and great memories for people, friends, families to share together. While watching movies, sports games, attending live events with Hallucine, people meet new friends, unite with old friends, making jokes and sharing joyful moments of their lives. 

Family and business

For Denial and his family,  Hallucine  is more than a business. It writes family stories, remembers every great moment family members share with each other, with new friends and old friends. It witnesses kids growing up and adults getting smarter.